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Ark 1: The Destruction of Trinxity Town 6-7
"Solei?" Collin narrowed his eyes "you're awake as usual in the morning"
"Because of you smart guy, Madene stop making those goggle eyes they aren't good for your face. And Collin stop whining when she calls you Colly Cal."
"Your point is?" Collin clearly didn't get where the conversation was going.
"Are you trying to irritate me Colly Cal?" Solei teased him. Colly Cal was the worst nickname anyone could have, according to Collin's Journal. Collin would have been ok if it wasn't for the orphans teasing him about it every day. The only people who had never ever called him Colly Cal was his two best friends: Zavin and Solei.
"How could you Solei, I thought you were my friend!" Collin cried at her feet.
"Get over yourself, see I told you, you were easy to irritate." Solei said rudely but calmly.
"I'm lost" Collin smirked "who's irritating who? You hate being late for school and yet you are still here." Suddenly the tension in the air got stiff, Collin grinned at Solei, as she just gave hi
:iconmakorun5:Makorun5 1 3
Ark 1: Destruction of Trinxity Town pages 4-5
"Sweh, for once she forgot," he made one final effort and looked back at his friend's room. "Nothing has changed since I remembered. Everything is always going to be the same. It's going to be hard moving on," The boy slouched his head over before turning around. Once he did he was caught off guard by a big pair of goggle eyes.
"Hi there Colly Cal!!!!" a girl said, she had brown pearly eyes, and wore pink pajamas.
The boy screamed stepping back, "Why do you always sneak up on me, you know I hate that!"
"Oh pipe down Colly Cal, why are you such a scaredy cat!"
"Am not!" he jumped back.
"Sure," The girl said folding her arms, she stopped making her goggle eyes and laughed.
"Come on Madene you know how much that freaks me out," the boy said.
"I know the more reason to do it."
"No stop it!" the boy, brushed past her and went to walk down the stairs.
"Um Collin…" Madene stuck her hand out to yank him back but he refused to fall for another one of her tricks.
"Madene go away, you worst
:iconmakorun5:Makorun5 1 4
Ark 1: Trinxity Town Destruction page 3
~Thick fog covered the streets of a small town. The fog was so thick not even the human eye could see through it. However, despite all of this, still one house could be seen glimmering through the heavy coated mist. It shinned its bright light down upon the streets, guiding the lost to its sanctuary. But just as it appeared, it vanished. Within a blink of an eye the house could no longer be seen. The last hope was swallowed by the fog.~
In his room a teenage boy began to awaken from his dream. He rose up slowly from bed. His eyes still embedded in the dream he was having. Yawning he turned around and started to come full circle. He looked outside the window, revealing his light brown eyes. He looked towards the middle of town and saw the schools grandfather clock.
"Seems like it's gonna be a good day for a change" he placed one foot on the floor, then he raised up the other and slouched over. Yawning once more he stood up and stepped on a tick. The pain quickly went throughout his foot
:iconmakorun5:Makorun5 1 6
Ark 1: Destruction of Trinxity Town
Chapter 1
Replacing the Memories
~Dreams to have been made~
~Dreams to have been forgotten?~
~Things still remain to be awaken~
~Can they truly be mine?~
In a computer room, a man draped in a purple scarf to shoulder length stared, setting in a chair by a large computer screen.
"Seems to me that the boy has grown in the past year, not only in his strength, but his stamina and most importantly his faith" the man's voice was deep and intelligent. He turned around to a man cloaked in a blue hood.
"That may seem so, but how do we truly know he's ready?" the man asked.
"His heart will prevail and grow stronger with the remaining days of his school year." The man in purple gazed at the screen and was amazed at what he saw. "He has grown in the past minute dramatically; we might have a chance after all. This week must be the week. We cannot stall any longer."
"He still will become what we want, it is his destiny. He's still young; it is a big burden to put this on a kid of his age."
"The Grea
:iconmakorun5:Makorun5 1 9
One Day Our Dreams Will End
"One day Dreams will end, that's where our story shall begin"
The beautiful world of Trinxity, what a world it is? It's said that Trinxity Town Keys, is the most romantic and resorted worlds of them all. But under its thick crust holds an evil ugly truth. Like every world, Trinxity Town Keys has a story to tell. On the west of all the other keys lies an orphanage. Three orphans: Collin, Zavin and Solei, all count down the remaining school days, because like all orphans in that world, Once they reached the adult age, 15, they must begin a new life by leaving home. Like life wasn't hard enough for a kid? The final exams and the strange things that's been happening lately hasn't made their lives a whole lot easier. Collin has been having strange dreams and has been seeing strange creatures. Whose existence is unaware to the others of that world. Little by little, the truth of Collin worlds starts to unravel itself and little by little Collin questions life. Is it darkness? Or is it all ju
:iconmakorun5:Makorun5 2 9
Trinity 15th Generation Colored by Makorun5 Trinity 15th Generation Colored :iconmakorun5:Makorun5 1 5 Book Logo by Makorun5 Book Logo :iconmakorun5:Makorun5 2 4 Logo by Makorun5 Logo :iconmakorun5:Makorun5 0 1 The Lone Survivor by Makorun5 The Lone Survivor :iconmakorun5:Makorun5 3 0


Pockets 1 by spank-london Pockets 1 :iconspank-london:spank-london 2 4 Kassandra the Dragon Keeper by NaviMoon Kassandra the Dragon Keeper :iconnavimoon:NaviMoon 3 1 Don't Fly Away by NoFlutter Don't Fly Away :iconnoflutter:NoFlutter 28 3 music is my life that rocks by dog-rock music is my life that rocks :icondog-rock:dog-rock 3 3 Rock the hoodie by dog-rock Rock the hoodie :icondog-rock:dog-rock 2 0 Fire Mako by dog-rock Fire Mako :icondog-rock:dog-rock 4 2 Mako Cool by dog-rock Mako Cool :icondog-rock:dog-rock 1 2 Reading Mako story by dog-rock Reading Mako story :icondog-rock:dog-rock 2 1 Mako blow a big bubble by dog-rock Mako blow a big bubble :icondog-rock:dog-rock 1 2 Happy thanksgiving by dog-rock Happy thanksgiving :icondog-rock:dog-rock 1 2
2011 New Years Eve 11:59pm
Cale stared up at the cloudless sky, wishing he was somewhere, anywhere else other than the New Year's party. He lived with his rich Uncle Bartholomew. Uncle Bart always threw massive parties, which Cale, much to his disappointment, had to attend.
Sighing Cale leaned against the balcony rail, staring at the nearly full moon. Another year has passed and another about to begin. Another without his parents. Every New Years eve his thoughts would drift back to that day, the day they disappeared. He had been 10 at the time, "I can't believe it's been almost 6 years" he whispered to himself.
"Cale" Uncle Bart called from the stairs, rolling his eyes he pulled himself from the rail and went inside to join the partygoers in the countdown. The neighborhood girls, who he proceeded to ignore, greeted him with smiling faces as he made his way through the crowd to to his Uncle.
The old man grinned at Cale, "countdowns about to begin" he said. When he saw Cale's expression
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dog rock ninja by dog-rock dog rock ninja :icondog-rock:dog-rock 2 1 Eternity by BunnyAyumi Eternity :iconbunnyayumi:BunnyAyumi 449 21 Chavis in Nature by ChavisO2 Chavis in Nature :iconchaviso2:ChavisO2 48 74 Halloween Wallpaper by applesduh Halloween Wallpaper :iconapplesduh:applesduh 2 2 Kingdom Hearts by applesduh Kingdom Hearts :iconapplesduh:applesduh 1 2


So i will be adding new drawings on here soon...i have been busy but i dont have a computer to upload now so it will have to wait till july sadly but ive drawn many new characters.

Most of them are anime because thats what a lot of people like of course i drew some of my own characters but i also drew some famous ainme characters like Kilik from Air Gear he looks more realistic than anime but it does look like him.

I plan on drawing Naruto's Itachi and some chibis of Final Fantasy Characters. But one thing i can say is that my style of drawing has change, my pictures are more realistic but still look anime-ish and ive finally learn how to use Gimp correctly so my pictures are even better but im getting photoshop this summer....

Well thats it i kinda miss talking to my friends like Venduckie, rainbow and Doggy shes been MIA for a while so i have a lot of catching up to do :)

Does anyone else like the Challenge accepted posters lol


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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im considerate and can take criticisim. I enjoy helping others when i make money i want to help people i just can stand seeing people on the streets even though ive gotten use to it. Well educated but can and will learn more. Social and honest.

I'm a writer, i just finsihed my first book and am now sepearting it into 3 sepearte novels. first one is copyrighted and it is now being displayed on deviant art. the other 2 are in editing.

So far i've gotten a total number of 100 views containing to info of my book and it's been really appreaciated. people whp've given me info an feedback has aready been put in my book or has a character he or she created.

Thanks again for the support.


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